Hebrew Roots Discovery Center

About Us

The primary goal of Hebrew Roots Discovery Center is to provide support and resources to our brothers and sisters in the land of Israel.

We support Messianic Jews in the land and small groups who work closely with them.  These are people who have come to a saving knowledge of the Messiah, a step that comes at a very high personal and financial cost for those who live and work in the land of Israel.   In spite of their own difficulties, these are people who not only give their lives in service to others, but are prophetically settling and rebuilding the land. Through them we are able to directly participate in many different areas of ministry in Israel, and also help to provide for special equipment and other needs of the IDF.

We donate to a select few groups who provide local hands-on support and ministry where they live.  We have personally met the people we donate to, and have visited many of them when traveling in Israel.  We trust them and believe our money is well spent as they further the Kingdom of God.

If you would like to partner with us in this effort, you can either make a payment through a secure online portal, or you can mail us a check.   Please click on our Donations tab for further details.


All funds received are distributed as described above.   Hebrew Roots Discovery Center is staffed by volunteers, and no part of the donations received are ever used for administrative costs.